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50th Anniversary Session | The Heinold's

I was working for the State of Texas and I was getting to know a new attorney that had been recently hired. She told me that before she became a lawyer, she was a teacher at Victoria High School. We talked a little further and come to find out - Brenda was Mrs. Heinold - my 10th grade Geometry teacher!! We couldn't believe what a small world it is!! Brenda and I worked together at the State for many years, in fact she became my boss. During this time we became good friends. Eventually we both retired from the State and keep in touch often.

She contacted me and told me that she and hubby Larry were going to be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Wow! How awesome is that! She said they needed some photos for an invitation to a party they were planning. I was more than happy to do that for them!

On the day of their photo session, I went out to their lovely home in the country. The house is a photographer's dream location. It has lots of flowers, arches, benches, and more. I love it there! In fact, I asked them if I could just move in!

Brenda and Larry are two of the nicest people you ever want to meet. They smile all the time and are so sweet to one another. Every time they look at each other they smile or crack into laughter. You can see the deep love they have for one another. And Larry seems to want nothing more than to make Brenda happy. I can tell he just adores her. After all these years, he looks at her with such loving eyes. Sigh - relationship goals for sure!!

I want to with Brenda & Larry a very Happy Anniversary and eternal love. Thank you for asking me to do this for ya'll. I left your house that day with a warm heart and a smile on my face.

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