25th Wedding Anniversary!

What a wonderful time I had last weekend photographing the 25th Wedding Anniversary celeberation of my dear friend Mary Louise and her sweet husband Raymond. This couple has three beautiful children and when I was around them I felt such a family closeness and love.

I was raised Catholic but left the church after the divorce from my first husband. I felt like I couldn't attend anymore because I didn't want to annul a 16 year marriage. So eventually I joined a non-denominational christian church that I have fallen in love with - Faith Family Church. That church helped me change my life and taught me who Jesus is and how much He loves me and wants to help me have the best life. So this celebration included a Catholic mass and I got to the church about an hour early. When I walked into the church, I was immediately taken in by the scents and the quiet and the peace I felt. There is nothing more peaceful and beautiful than the inside of a Catholic church. A priest came up to me and introduced himself as Father Daniel and he was so sweet, explaining how the ceremony would flow. He and I then sat on the last row and he told me he was going to pray. So I quietly sat next to him while he closed his eyes and went to his personal prayer space. I also closed my eyes and prayed and just l