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Wedding Planning - the Beginning

What a fun weekend. Started on Friday. Picked up my BFF EJ after work, we went shopping together and he had dinner with us. He also went with me to UPS where I picked up my newest baby - a new 70-200 lens for my camera. It is so impressive and I can't wait for my next photo shoot! So Friday was a good evening (after 5:00 of course!)

The bride (my daughter) was home for the weekend. It's our first wedding planning type weekend and I've already cried twice, just discussing it. Tears of joy people, tears of joy. I am the most non-crier type person ever so it's crazy I'm so emotional already. How on earth am I going to be the day of the weeding? My make up artist Yurim better use the most super-duper waterproof make up ever created that day. And I don't cry pretty - I definetly cry ugly. But this wedding planning is fun. It seems that almost everyone associated with planning a wedding is so nice. I am certain that is the key to succeeding in this ultra competive business.

Yesterday me, the bride (Desiree) and the mother of the groom (Diana) spent the day visiting venues. I am amazed how expensive it is to rent a room for one night. There are so many things to consider in addition to the price. How many can it sit? What comes with the venue? Can we have the ceremony there? Etc etc etc. It's kind of scary. It is so important, we have to make sure it's the best fit for us. If you have any advice for us we will gladly accept!

I ran a little survey on Facebook yesterday asking if its acceptable to say "no children please" on the invitation. Don't get me wrong. we love all the children but the size of the venue makes it an issue. Desi really is drawn towards small, intimate settings so that makes it hard to include children. If you rent a big dance hall, like we attended a wedding las nightat the Club Westerner, then children have a fun place to spread out, run around (like they always do), dance etc. There's lots of room. But if you have a space where tables are fairly close and the only space is the dance floor, then the kids have no place to run around in and will be bored to death! I don't know - when I was raising children, I sure did like adult nights when I got to dress up and dance the night away with family and friends! Most of the people who responded to my survey seem to agree. There were a few that said that we should include the children since the day is all about family. That's true too. I guess our decision will be made when we decide on the venue.

Today has been the best day ever, our row at church was filled from one end to another with my family. Nothing makes me happier than for Timmy & I to have both my favorite children, my daughter-in-love Jessica, my mom, my sis, my granddaughters and also my "other" daughter Heather at church with us. That is truly a crowning moment for me when that happens. When I have my whole family at church I think back to the days when I used to go to church all by myself. My family was so broken at that time but not anymore! God fixed it all for me and I get overwhelmed with emotion when I stop and think about how blessed I am.

After church, me, Desiree, Diana, Jessica and Heather spent the afternoon at the Bridal Fair at the community center. Met so many people today. I didn't even know all these businesses existed in Victoria! Broke my fast a little tasting all those delicious samples there! Had to try them right? But it was so helpful to meet all those people. I will be contacting most of them to get quotes and see if they can help fulill Desiree's vision for this wedding!

The fair also inspired me in which direction I would like my Studio business. I sure do love, love, love the wedding business.

Well - I don't know if anyone reads my blog or not, but I'm finding it kind of theraputic. If you are reading, I hope you are enjoying feel free to comment. I will be encouraged.

Have a blessed week!

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