Tax Time Again :(

Say it isn't so. It's tax time again. I am my husband's keeper. I mean bookkeeper. I am a very good bookkeeper. I keep meticulous records. I am super organized. The problem is, I'm only his bookeeper once a year. Because I have a full time job, plus a part time photography business, plus a life, I don't keep up with his records until I have to. At tax time. Well here we are. I have to sit down with a year's worth of receipts, statements, records, etc etc. Every year I resolve to work it at least once a month. But it never happens.

It starts in January. I wait for the January bank statement and then I gather the prior 11 statements and I sit down and enter each check written by my husband. I take a day or two off work and get to work. Poor Timmy, I start to ask him questions like what was this for? what was that for? who is this? and he has to wrack his brain to try to remember who he wrote a check to several months ago. I'm sure he wishes I did this on a more regular basis so he wouldn't have to try to remember all that. Well as soon as I can quit my day job I will! Going through the bank statements is the easy part. It doesn' t even take me that long. Probably in a month or two, I'll take a week off work to go through the rest of the stuff before the April 15 deadline. That is the dreadful part. That is when I go through the MOUNTAIN of mail, receipts, invoices etc that has accumuluated over the past year. That is the one week a year I suffer with great depression. I will be so glad when he retires.