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March 31, 2020

Ok, I am definitely going to overshare on this Faith Academy senior, both in her photos and as I share about her.   Her photos were stunning and she has accomplished so much in her young life!

As you may recognize, this is my second photo session with Isabel.  The first one, taken a few weeks ago was at the aquatic Center.  Isabel is a competitive and accomplished swimmer.     (Click here to read more about Isabel's swimming accomplishments  ~>

For her next photo session, Isabel wanted variety.  She wanted color, texture and most of all water.  What other place describes that best other than Rockport!!   One of Isabel's passions is shopping, especially bargain shopping, and that...

March 24, 2020

I am spending some of my quarantine time archiving past photo sessions and I realized I never blogged and posted these adorable photos I took of Bailey & Brynley!! I took these in November right before our lives turned upside down with the premature birth of my grandsons. But better late than never right??

Mom Amber wanted photos of Brynley for her pageant portfolio. Little Brynley is a crowned winner of the Miss Golden Crescent and I can see why - she is so poised and photogenic!! While we were here we included handsome brother Bailey in a few shots as well. These sure are good looking children aren't they?? And they were also sweet and so well behaved. I really enjoyed my time with all of them.

Amber, I apologize for the late post and I truly appreciate you bringing these beautiful childre...

March 23, 2020

It's Penelope's 3rd Birthday!!

Miss Penelope started her photo session very shyly, hiding behind her grandma's leg. But a promise of a Roadhouse lunch loosened this girl right up!!

Before the photo session, Penelope had informed her family that she was not a Princess.  No, she announced that she was a Queen!  And she was adorable in her beautiful, floral high low dress which she stated was "magical".  Don't you just love seeing the world through the eyes of a child??

Thank you to grandma BillieJo and aunt Jasmine for keeping her smiling!!  And thanks so much for allowing me to capture this time for you!

Happy Birthday Penelope!!

March 18, 2020

Gabrielle Marks is such a young go-getter!!  Gabrielle is an entrepreneur and the owner of The Brow Haven Salon.  She is a master at Eyebrow Threading and  recently moved into a larger, beautiful salon.

Gabrielle scheduled a Personal Branding Photo Session because she understands that great quality photos are needed for her website, social media and printed materials.  We scheduled for a day when she was quite busy so that I could capture photos of her in action.  Kind of "A day in the life of Gabrielle Marks"  LOL!!

Gabrielle's session was held at her salon location - 1101 Sam Houston Dr. Suite B, Victoria, Texas.   I watched her in action as she threaded her clients eyebrows.  She is strong yet gentle and very confident as she works on her client.  I watched the client...

March 18, 2020

Forgive me if I overshare photos of Jaelin.  She totally nailed each and every photo we took and it was hard to narrow down which photos to share with you!!  This is not my first photo session of Jaelin - a couple of years ago I did Sweet 16 portraits for her.  She is so beautiful!!

Jaelin is a senior at Victoria East High School where she is an member of the awesome Golden Sabers Drill Team.  Jaelin loves spending time with her friends.  Their favorite things to do is to go shopping, drink Starbucks and eat at Wing Stop.  Sounds like fun to me!!

As I said at the beginning, we had an amazing photo session.  We met at the beautiful Mission Espíritu Santo in Goliad.  It's one of my favorite places to shoot.  It has a nice walking trail that leads down to a beautiful bridge...

March 10, 2020

Meet the Jordan family - here all the way from Tennessee!! 

The Jordan's were in Texas visiting family and Melissa's mom Peggy arranged for a fun family photo session.   And fun it was.  Little Tate was a hoot!!  What a sweet little boy!  Two thumbs up to Mom and Dad for doing such a good job.  Tate was all smiles and laughter.  And happy to do anything we asked him!!!   Tate got to celebrate his 2nd birthday here in Texas with people who absolutely adore him. 

Thank you Peggy for setting this all up and a special thank you to Melissa, Taylor & Tate for being so sweet to me!!! 

March 10, 2020

Jenna is turning 25 this month and wanted to have a fun photo session to document the occasion.    I will forever remember her birthday because it is the same date as my daughter's birthday!!

Jenna showed up at her photo session at my studio looking absolutely gorgeous - her make up was done by Paige Terrell and was sporting some great red hair.  She said she told her hair stylist - Kandis Elisondo (Hair by Kandis) to do something really fun for her birthday.  I LOVED it and thought it was gorgeous on her!!

We had such a blast at our session.  Jenna is such a free spirit and so much fun but also very laid back and easy to please.   She was so easy breezy to hang with!!  I loved my time with her.  I'm sure I'm sharing too many photos from this session but I can't help it!!  She...

March 7, 2020

March 7 is the day that Holden turns THE BIG ONE!!  Happy First Birthday sweet boy!!

My Cake Smash Session with Holden was such a pleasure.  This has to be one of the happiest little boys on the planet.  No matter how many times we posed him, how many time we changed him - he just kept smiling.  

Mom & Dad planned a fishing theme for his first birthday which was perfect.   Between my props and mom's props - we were set!!!  Everything was so cute.  I think my favorite part of the session was the cake smash.  Never have I seen a baby eat a cake so delicately.  I think Holden has some great table manners!!  He would take a pinch of icing and eat it.  Then another pinch and eat it.  This went on and on.  It was just hilarious!!!!...

February 13, 2020

I've known Jaden since he was a baby.  His mom Heather is like a daughter to me, so I guess that makes me Jaden's honorary grandmother!

Jaden has always had a sweet spirit.  He is a talented young man, loves the music industry and has several rap videos.   Of course, someone as creative as Jaden wanted a cool senior photo session.   Heather did lots of research and Jaden loved all things in beautiful, downtown Houston.

We started at a downtown park and were in awe of the gorgeous Houston skyline.  It always takes my breath away.    Jaden started out a little bit shy but quickly loosened up.   We then continued to the museum district which is one of my favorite places to be in Houston.  It is so funky and vibrant down there.  So perfect for Jaden!!   We went to...

January 27, 2020

Isabel is a Senior this year at Faith Academy and she and her family wanted to start her senior photos with a session at the Victoria Aquatics Center. They wanted to start here because swimming is a HUGE part of Isabel's life.

She is a competitive swimmer and is so accomplished!! Isabel is an 8 time state qualifier. In 2017, she won a bronze metal at State with the 100 meter breaststroke, she has been TISCA & TAPPPS academic all-state in her junior & senior year and is a 2019 Victoria Advocate Advosports nominee. Isabel also teaches swimming in her spare time. We had so much fun at this session!

It was an ultra humid morning outside and very warm inside and we were all sweating by the time it was over but it was so worth it! We had the whole center to ourselves and we didn't even want t...

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