It's really winter!

It is sooo cold! In the words of my favorite comedian- Anjelah Johnson - "cold is not even the right word - INAPPROPIATE! That's what that is out there!" Brrr! We South Texans are not used to this!

I am 52 years old. Wow that looks weird when I write it. I don't feel 52 at all, I still feel like I'm in my 20's or 30's. Well not physically all the time that's for sure. Most days I feel 52 plus! But I still have silly moments - I love to cut up and laugh. But what I have been going through this year is menopause. One of the worst parts all year have been my hot flashes. Let me tell you something - hot flashes ain't for sissies! I have been so hot I feel like I'm going to implode from the inside out! There are times they are so bad they make me nauseous! They are awful. Being suffering with these for months. Until now. Not a hot flash in sight. It's the complete opposite. I am bone cold. The only place I feel comfortable is on my couch, wrapped like a cocoon in my heaviest blanket. And almost all year, I haven't been able to enjoy my beloved red wine because it made the hot flashes even worse. Not now. Wine isn't even warming me up! What's up with that????

We remodeled our family room this summer. My favorite daughter Desiree is an interior designer and helped me with every step of this remodel. One of the most important parts of my remodel is