Is it Sunday already?

The two days called a weekend go so so fast! I feel like I just left work Friday at 5:00!

I did have a good weekend. Spent Saturday is Sugarland shopping with my favorite daughter, sister and mom. We started in Town Square where we had lunch at our favorite restaurant - Cafe Express and then just walked the street stopping at the different shops. My favorite daughter Desiree is getting married in 2015 and this was our first time shopping for wedding stuff. How fun is that? We went into our first bridal store which made me want to cry just looking at the beautiful gowns. My daughter and I have a whole different tastes when it comes to wedding gowns. I was drawn to all the lace dresses and she was drawn to the ball gown style. Well, it is her wedding so I guess ball gown it is. I was shocked at how heavy these gowns are! Brides must be exhausted wearing those things al day! It would be like partying all night with one of those heavy x-ray vests on! Now I know why brides want a second dress to change to after the receiption. Anyway - we so enjoyed just looking for now.