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New Years Eve Eve

Hello! Guess who's blogging again? Me! I am proud to be back here, proud I'm following through!

I am sort of excited about 2014. Don't exactly know why, I just feel it's going to be a year with exciting - and good - changes. One exciting aspect is helping my daughter plan her upcoming wedding! I am just thrilled about that, except I know I have to lose LOTS OF WEIGHT and I also have to spend LOTS OF MONEY. Just writing those two things here gives me anxiety. But I usually do what I set my mind to so hopefully I will succeed in those areas.

Another exciting possibility in 2014 is that I am eligible for retirement in my day job. I will have worked at this job 26 years already and would so love a change. But with a wedding to help pay for..... Who knows. Time will tell whether I can leave it behind or not. I sure do want to. I wish I could say I'm going to retire and do photography full time! That would make me the happiest!

Back to the present. New Year's Eve? Sigh. My husband and I have become such fuddy duddy's. We rarely do anything exciting any more. For New Years Eve I feel like the main characters in the movie Sex and the City 2. One part of me feels like Carrie who wants get all dressed up, to be in a crowd, eating bad catered food. The other part of me is like Big who just wants a nice quiet night in. Either way, I'm pretty sure we'll be having the nice quiet night in. After all, we do live in Victoria. What is there to do here anyway? Club scene is about all there is and I have NO DESIRE to be there. The restaurant scene in Victoria also leave a lot to be desired. About 80% of our restaurants are chains with really bad service. The other 20% are either Mexican or a couple of places which are overpriced for the quality of food you get. Yeah, my night is already looking pretty bleak. I'm sure I'll be on my couch, bored, watching the ball drop in NYC.

Get over it Sande and count your blessings. I will be spending my night in with a great hubby who will do anything in the world for me. I have two incredible children who are in wonderful, loving relationships. I have two of the happiest, sweetest granddaughters ever born. I have a mother, sister and brother who are very good to me and are also happy and healthy. That's how 2013 wil end and 2014 will start. Life is good.

However, if you are one of those people who will be having fabulous New Year's Eve, put on some great shoes, take lots of pics and have a drink for me. I would love to hear all about it.

Let me end my 2013 blog with pictures of my granddaughter. Yesterday was such a sunny, mild beautiful day and we had such a good time.

Happy New Year!

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