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Hi! I'm Sande Bilton.

Thank you sooo much for visiting my website!  I hope you are finding it

user friendly and enjoyable.

Let me tell you a little bit about me.  I'm a full time Photographer, Social

Media Manager, Blogger, Boutique Owner, Avon Rep, hustler, dreamer

and coffee lover.

I am passionate about providing not just a photo shoot but an experience.

I want my clients to have a session that is uniquely theirs - that

tells their story - that will be treasured for lifetimes to come.

I strive to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere.   I understand that being in front of the camera can be awkward so I go the extra mile to make sure my clients know I'm with them every step of the way.  I happily split my time between Victoria and Houston.

I am a lifestyle photographer and also pose and direct as needed.   I love what I do and strive to give my very best to everyone who trusts me with their memories.  And in return I get the pleasure of capturing the magic of love and stories that will be retold for decades to come.

I also have a passion for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their social media presence using professional images and planning effectively.

Personally I am married to a great guy named Timmy.  He is super laid back and supports every crazy idea I come up with.    I am mom to Desi & Jon and have 4 beautiful grandchildren - Lonie, Bri, Bear & Luke.  But my favorite child is my furbaby named Sparkle!!  I eat at Ventura's as often as I can and love a day in Houston shopping. 

I would love to get to know you better!  Call me if you want to stop by someday and have a cup of coffee with me! 

I'm a story teller with a camera


Meet My Helpers

Vicki Corte

Vicki assists me anywhere anytime I need her.  She is always ready to help me.  She always helps me with my holiday minis and also helps me out in my boutique and at bridal fairs.    No one has a bigger heart than Vicki or a happier disposition.  I wouldn't want to do any of this without her. 

Alana Espindola

Alana is my granddaughter  and assists me with children photography.  She makes noises and faces, blows bubbles and whatever else it takes to keep children's attention and make them laugh.  Alana has also followed me with a camera and taken behind the scenes footage.   She has a great eye for photography!  She also helps me at the boutique and even with my bookkeeping - she sorts and files and whatever else I ask of her!  She is a little blessing.


Board Member of ABWA
VP of Marketing

Board Member of Pain to Purpose

VP of Marketing

American Business Women Association WGTEN

2021 Woman of the Year



I'm always thrilled to see my work featured! 
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Inspiring Teens Magazine
Senior Year Magazine

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