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If you know me or you follow me on social media, you will recognize this beauty as my granddaughter Alana. OMG! She is now a senior! That blows my mind!

Alana has been at Faith Academy since she was a baby. She was enrolled in their day care and then moved into K3, K4 and then kindergarten. So she has literally grown up there. She and I have been talking about and planning her senior photos for about a year now. She has lots of ideas and so do I. I am determined to fulfill every single vision she has for her senior portraits. With each session, I will tell you a little something about my Alana.

When she was about 4 years old, we discovered she had a strong singing voice. It was her grandpa Timmy's birthday and she announced that she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to him. It was so strong and beautiful!! The school also became aware of her singing abilities. At age 5, she was asked to sing at Faith Family Church's Christmas show. That year, the show was on their front lawn. They did a live nativity and little Alana did her first solo - singing Silent Night. It was very cold that night and they had 3 show times. She did it 3 times perfectly. She was dressed like an angel and sang like an angel. We were so proud. She is singing to this day. She has done many of the schools performances - most notably she was the Fairy Godmother in their musical performance of Cinderella. She is part of the worship team at Faith Academy and also at Faith Family Church's Student Ministry. She also helped to lead worship at Ignite Summer Camp this summer. Every single time I hear her sing, I tear up and could easily do an ugly cry. But I know that would annoy her! She is super humble and always reminds me she is not performing; she is worshiping Jesus. So I have to hide my emotions!! LOL!! When they spend the night at my house, I always encourage them Karaoke night. Her favorite songs to sing are Broadway songs and I love hearing them!!

Part 1 (I don't know how many parts there will end up being!!) of our senior sessions was to take a road trip out west. Our first destination was Marfa, TX. We chose Marfa because both Alana and her sister Brianna love astronomy. We been planning a trip to West Texas so we could visit the UT McDonald Observatory. So that became the first destination of our road trip. We did two separate sessions while in Marfa - the first was at the iconic Prada Marfa store.

The Prada Marfa store was an art project by two artists and is Texas Landmark. It's literally out in the middle of nowhere and is not a real store but it does have luxury Prada merchandise on display. I have to tell you, some of those purses in there made my mouth water!! There is a fence surrounding the store covered with locks. Like the Love Lock Bridge in Paris, lovers can place their names on the locks and attach them to the fence. That made for a colorful backdrop for more photos!!

We will have the best memories from this session. There is something about this building that makes you feel like you are someplace very special. We loved our time there and could have stayed forever but tourists continue to arrive for their own photo shoots. We made the best of our time and captured some great shots of my beautiful Alana. She rocked this photo shoot!

Brianna was also with us and she took some behind the scenes photos of us. Those are so fun to go back and look at. I will share some of those a little later.

After this session, we went back to our AirBnB and Alana changed clothes for Part 2 of our sessions.

What a fun day!!


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