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This family is near and dear to my heart - Juan is my nephew. Juan was a sweet little boy who has grown into a sweet young man. With the sweetest family!!

This really is the first time I have spent any time with Juan and his family. We are all Facebook friends so I can keep up with their family but I hadn't even met the two younger children!! So I was very excited for this day.

It was the perfect day for a photo shoot. It was cool, the skies were blue and the sun was shining. We had planned to have the shoot in Riverside Park but it was closed due to flooding!! So we proceeded to Plan B.

Juan & Letty are so sweet. Letty started our session by giving me a sweet gift of a Starbucks mug (which has since become my favorite coffee mug ever), a gift card, a lovely book and more. I felt so blessed. The boys were so sweet and cooperative. And I'm not just saying that - they really are! In fact, they enjoyed having their photo session and were more than happy to do whatever I asked them to do!!! When the session was over, they literally ran to me to hug me and tell me they had fun! And they even wanted photos with me!! Ok - my heart is now exploding. They all took turns with my camera, taking photos of me with each of them. And the photos these kids took were great photos!! Future photographers???

Thank you Juan & Letty for trusting me with your family memories. I adore you all and look forward to spending more time with ya'll and your precious boys.

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