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Treasure the Dress | Ashlyn & Marcus

Chapter One

Ashlyn and Marcus met through a mutual friend. Ashlyn was in a relationship with someone else so they began as just friends. In time, Ashlyn went through a breakup and Marcus found out and swooped in to capture her heart. They started their relationship slowly, just getting to know one another. They spent hours on their phones to one another - either talking or texting. Ashlyn was going through a lot and Marcus took a step to further their relationship by inviting her out. They took a road trip to Galveston. On the way, Ashlyn sang along to country music with the window down and Marcus began to realize this was the girl for him. They spent the evening on the beach and fell in love.

Chapter Two

Marcus had been ranting and raving about how he wanted to go fishing so Ashlyn arranged for a weeknd trip to her grandparents lake house. Marcus suggested to make it a party and invited her parents and her best friends Reba & Rachel. Little did Ashlyn know, but everyone invited was in on a secret. Marcus had already talked to her parents and asked for their approval to marry Ashlyn.

The weekend started with lots of fun - they hung out and played games. Reba and Rachel said they had a great idea! They suggested they do a photoshoot. So, all three girls did their hair and makeup. When Ashlyn was ready, they led her to her grandfather's room and on the bed laid a dress, a set of pearls, and some shoes and a note that said "Put this on and follow my notes". Ashlyn followed the instructions, walked outside and followed his notes all the way down to the gazebo. There were roses all the way to the middle with a huge rose bouquet and a sign that said "WILL YOU MARRY ME"? Marcus was down on one knee with a ring that he had custom made for Ashlyn. Although Ashlyn was in shock, she smiled and said "YES!" OMG - I have goose bumps just sharing this story!!

Chapter Three

Marcus & Ashlyn were married on January 6, 2018 at Emery's Buffalo Creek Winery in Bellville, Texas. The day was a little cool but perfect for the ourdoor lakeside ceremony. I wasn't the photographer for this magical day but I was so blessed to be a guest. My eyes filled with tears as I watched a gorgeous Ashlyn walk down the aisle never taking her eyes off of Marcus who was smiling back at her with tears in his own eyes. Ashlyn and Marcus spent the rest of the evening enjoying their love while surrounded by their families and their best friends. Everything was perfect.

Chapter Four

All was perfect except for one thing - they didn't get great photos. Marcus and Ashlyn came to visit me after their honeymoon and I could see the pain in their eyes as they said they didn't have a single photo of themselves after the wedding. So not it was my turn to swoop in and capture their hearts - I offered them a Treasure The Dress session. Their eyes lit up as we talked about them getting their wedding clothing back on and we get those photos they wanted so badly. What bride doesn't want an opportunity to wear her dress again???

Chapter Five

We decided the perfect setting for their Treasure the Dress session would be in Breckenridge Park in Edna. Ashlyn looked gorgeous - her makeup was done by Beauty by Celina and her hair stylist was Stephen Bess. Heartbeat Creations loved this story and created a beautiful bouquet for the couple's session. Jewelry and accessories were provided by none other than Sande's Boutique! Ashlyn was head to toe perfection!! Marcus was such a sweetheart, although he was hot in his black jacket (it was August in South Texas after all!) he never complained and he looked at Ashlyn with eyes filled with love.


I was so happy to do this for Ashlyn & Marcus. I think we got photos that perfectly capture their love. I have best job in the world don't I?

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