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Bridal Photo Shoot | Brittany

I miss brides! Since I am no longer photographing weddings, I don't get a lot of opportunities to be around brides and all their beauty. So you can image how happy I was when Brittany and her mother Sabrina asked me to photograph her bridals!

I immediately fell in love with Brittany. Of course, the first thing I noticed was her beauty. But as we talked, I noticed how soft spoken, thoughtful and sweet she is. I knew our time together was going to be special.

I asked Brittany about her fiance and her face lit up as she told me their love story.

Brittany & Adriano had been attending the same church for about a year before they started dating. Their attraction to each other seemed immediate and it didn't take them long to fall in love. Adriano knew she was the one. He needed to make it forever.

Adriano invited his family and her family to a weekend in San Antonio. He told Brittany he wanted to take her and their families to eat at Tower of the Americas in San Antonio. Brittany didn't think anything about it - they are both family oriented and it was not unusual to do weekends together. But the mom's were in on the secret. They arrived first and set up a heart made out of candles. When Brittany arrived she thought "oh how sweet, someone is getting engaged." She had no idea the heart was for her until she saw her handsome boyfriend down on one knee asking her to marry him. Of course she said yes!!! But Brittany is old-fashioned, after saying yes - she asked him "did you ask my dad first?" Adriano smiled and assured her that he has first asked her dad for permission to marry her. And her dad had said yes! Her dad's blessing was very important to Brittany.

Our bridal session was fun in spite of some crazy winds that came out of no where. I was so happy photographing a bride that I didn't even care about the winds - we just went with it and got some wonderful portraits of a perfect bride. Brittany was stunning and graceful in her Casablanca Bridal gown she purchased at Jade & Madlynn. I kept hugging her and thanking her for choosing me.

Brittany & Adriano were married yesterday and had a fabulous celebration at Tin Spur Ranch.

I want to thank Brittany and Sabrina for making me a small part of this wonderful chapter in your lives. I can tell Brittany and Adriano have the support and guidance of two very kind and loving families. May God bless all of you and I wish Brittany & Adriano a lifetime of FOREVER LOVE!!!

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