"I LOVE U" "I KNOW" | Caitlin & Chance's Wedding day

Caitlin and Chance met in high school. Chance loved to play video games and they were both Star Wars fans. On Dec 17, 2011 they started dating and it didn't take them long to fall deeply in love.

4 years went by and Chance and Catlin were inseparable. On Dec. 17, 2015, Chance invited Caitlin out to dinner. They had a nice quiet dinner at Olive Garden and Caitlin had no idea Chance had something wonderful planned. After dinner they went back to Chance's house and when it was just the two of them - Chance asked Caitlin to be his forever. She very happily said YES!

Their wedding day couldn't have been sweeter. Caitlin's beautiful face radiated with joy. She looked so beautiful as she was preparing for the day. Everyone was so happy. I was told ahead of time that Chance never smiles for pictures. Which was true - he never voluntarily smiles for pictures but his joy showed up in so many pictures. It almost became a game for us - I would try to sneak up when I would see him smiling but he would see me out of the corner of his eye and boom - no more smile. He has the best peripheral vision I have ever seen! And he has the greatest smile as you can see from the pictures. We laughed every time he would catch me.

On Dec. 17, 2016 (are you seeing a pattern here?) at 4:00 pm, Caitlin was escorted down the aisle by her parents. She took everyone's breath way (including mine!), she looked so beautiful in her