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Wedding Chat with Sande | Inez Community Center

This weekend I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of Caitlin Ressman and Chance Goodman at the Inez Community Center. It has been about 3 years since I photographed a party there and was so surprised when I walked in. They have completely redone it!

Gone are the wood paneling walls and tile floor! The walls are now a beautiful neutral color with the prettiest smooth wood on the bottom. The side pillars were painted in a darker tone with a stone bottom. They each have a very pretty light on them. The dance floor is wood and the sides are a stained concrete. I was very impressed!!

It is a perfect venue for a large party. To the right is a very large room where the bridal party got dressed. It was wonderful - lots of room for everyone to spread out and completely private. My only wish for this room was that it have a couple of large mirrors for the girls to see themselves in as they are getting dressed. Caitlin's family brought their own mirror which was good.

At the dinner hour, this room became the place where the food was served. This room is right next door to the kitchen. Tables are set in the middle with the food and the guests can line up on each side. It made the line go swiftly and efficiently. When dinner was over, they closed the doors and cleaned up without the guests having to see all of that.

They also added lots of nice ceiling fans on each side. These will be so helpful in keeping the place cool in the hot Texas summers!

They have a little land on each side of the building and it was trimmed and well kept. It became a perfect little spot to take some outdoor pictures.

I wanted to share this information because this area doesn't have a lot of venues to choose from. It is not to far out and is perfect for a celebration!

This picture shows a little of the walls and floor. Pretty huh?

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