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Mommy & Me | Kimberly & her Miracle Babies

Kimberly & Matthew came to me early this year and booked a maternity shoot. They were pregnant with twins and so excited. I was excited too - I love maternity shoots.

About a week before the shoot, it is announced on Facebook that Kimberly is in the hospital with labor pains. This is not great news as she still had 16 weeks to go in her pregnancy. Those babies wouldn't wait so they were born way before their due date. They were quickly transferred to the children's hospital in Corpus where they would spend their next 4 months fighting for their little lives. Kimberly kept everyone updated of their progress and setbacks on Facebook.

I felt so bad that Kimberly didn't get her maternity shoot. I messaged her and told her I would travel to Corpus do a hospital shoot. She loved that idea and we scheduled a date but since the babies were in ICU, they limited how many people could be in the room, so we had to cancel again. We decided to just wait until the babies were released.

Little Averie was released after 4 months. She is perfection. Little Reid was released at 4 1/2 months. He had to go home with a feeding tube and oxygen but is otherwise perfect as well. These little fighters are true miracles.

After being home a couple of weeks, Kimberly contacted me. She wanted to do a "Texans" photo shoot of her and the babies for Matthew's birthday. We scheduled the shoot in my studio and we were finally able to get these babies photographed! They are so precious! And Kimberly is such a quiet, patient, loving mother! Reid was a little fussy most of the shoot and she just soothed and loved up on him. I was so impressed with her. And while she was soothing Reid, I took a bit of liberty and loved up on Averie. I hadn't been around babies in so long so I made sure I got my fix!

I am not a true "newborn" photographer so I don't do all the fancy poses but I believe we captured photos that truly tells the story of this chapter in their lives. Kimberly reported that Matthew loved the photos and that's what is important!

Thank you Kimberly for trusting me with your beautiful babies!

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