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Wedding Chat with Sande - The Bridesmaid's Dresses

The Bridesmaids dresses. I have heard stories from stressed out brides about bridesmaids giving her a hard time about the dresses she selected for them. It’s so hard to fit everyone’s budget and body type. Fortunately my daughter did not have that problem at her wedding. Desiree selected a beautiful one shoulder organza dress by Vera Wang. All of her bridesmaids looked so beautiful. But they came with a beautiful price tag too.

Well here's a great idea I wish I had thought of -- rental bridesmaid dresses. That’s brilliant! I mean – who wears their expensive bridesmaid dresses a second time? Remember the movie 27 Dresses? The character Jane had a closet full of bridesmaid dresses. So much money spent just to wear a dress one time. So renting seems like such a smart solution!

I came across the website – VOW to be CHIC ( They rent designer bridesmaid dresses starting at only $50! The owners themselves were bridesmaids on many occasions which is how they came up with this idea. This is how it works - the bride will speak to a stylist who will help her select the perfect dress and then coordinate with all the bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids submit their measurements to the stylist and will receive the dress in 2 different sizes 2 weeks before the big day. They can try them both on and pick the one that fits them better. They wear it on the wedding day and then send both dresses back in a pre-paid package when it's over! GENIUS. And if by some off chance you love the dress – you can buy it!

That seems like such a great, cost-effective alternative. The company also rents little white dresses (and pantsuits!) which are perfect for the bride to wear at engagement sessions, rehearsal dinners, bridal shower or reception. The price for these also start at $50.00. Did I mention I thought this was genius?

So brides - maybe this is a solution to your bridesmaid dilemma. Anything that makes your day less stressful is worth checking out!

This is a pic of some of my daughter's bridesmaids having a great time at the dance. As you can see, the bridesmaid's all wore charcoal gray and the maid of honor's was a champagne color. Gorgeous.

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