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The photographer hires a photographer!

My daughter's wedding plans are rolling right along. We have almost everyone booked, the venue, the decorator, etc etc. Today, we had to hire an photographer. That was both weird and exciting for me. Weird because I'm a photographer and I would love nothing more than to photograph my daughter's wedding. But obviously that isn't possible. But it's exciting because I got to meet with a wedding photographer who does amazing work. I love, love, love following other photographers and learning from them. Today as we sat in his studio and talked about my daughter's vision, although I'm usually pretty talkative, I sat quietly and watched him talk to her and I could see with every word, my daughter's eyes were lighting up. She has visions of amazing photos of her wedding which are I believe the most important part of a wedding. When the wedding is over what to you have? You have a husband, your wedding dress and your pictures!

I knew he was the right photographer for us because he made it clear, his job was to satisfy the bride and to do his best to capture every beautiful moment. We have spoken to other photographers who wouldn't even discuss the wedding with us until they had met us and interviewed us to see if "we are a right fit". It was obviously they call the shots. I don't believe that's how it should be. If a person hires a photographer, it's the photographer's job to work hard to fulfill what they were hired to do! Not the other way around.

That's the photographer I want to be. My goal with every shoot I schedule is to make my customers comfortable with me, to try to fulfill all their requests (as long as I'm not being asked to photograph snakes!) and to never ever be the cause of any photo day stress.

A couple of weeks ago we had our first official wedding function - the Bridal Luncheon which I hosted in my home. We invited Desiree's friends and formally asked them to be part of the wedding party. I have to say, it was a huge success. All the girls said "Yes!" So we now officially have a wedding party.

Well as soon as I can, I will share the photos of my daughter's wedding. I'm sure they are going to be awesome. In the meantime, I am sharing a photo of the beautiful bride at her Bridal Luncheon. Check the EVENTS tab for other pictures of the luncheon. I'm pretty proud of it - coordinated, decorated and photographed by me!

Thank you for reading.

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