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Meet Victoria West High School senior Mychal! Known to his family and friends as Mykey.

Mykey is such a sweetheart and we had such a sweet time together. I really got to know this young man while we walked around and I am so impressed with him. I learned that he is a high-functioning autistic young man. He is so kind and respectful and happily did everything I asked of him. As you will see by the photos, he loves to play soccer and wanted to incorporate that into his senior photos. you will also see that he totally rocked every photo he was in!!!

I asked him what he likes to eat and he loves hamburgers, pizza and friend chicken (yummm - who doesn't?). His other love is music and he loves the band Queen. What a cool kid.

Mykey participates in the Grace program at the Workforce Center and plans to enter the workforce after graduation. He wants to work a little while and then attend college.

I know Mykey is so sweet because he comes from very sweet parents - Myke & Lolly. They are so proud of Mykey and were so kind to me. I can't thank them enough for bringing this fine young man for me to photograph!!!!


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