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Meet Faith Academy senior Abigal! The girl whose smile lights up the room!!

I had so much fun with Abigal and her mom. Abigal has such a great sense of fashion and it doesn't hurt that mom Anastasia owns a boutique (Southern Leopard) . She also wore jewelry from Sande's Boutique (thank you!!) So Abigal is used to modeling!!! She looked amazing. Her makeup was done by the fabulous Hunter Lange at Chatterbox Make Up Co. and it was perfection!!

During my time with Abigal, I learned that she is very artistic and loves to dabble with cosmetology and is an animal lover!! Her favorite things to do is traveling, shopping (a girl after my own heart!!) and just hanging out with her family and friends. Her future is a blank canvas and she is going to paint it colorfully as she goes!

Thanks Anastasia for choosing me to capture your daughter's beautiful images. I know she is going to to have an amazing future!!


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