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This is the second time I've had Ashlyn in front of my lens. A couple of years ago I photographed her in celebration of her 16th birthday. I love being with Ashlyn. She is such a quiet, sweet soul. She is one of those girls that doesn't know how beautiful she is. In this photo session, she also let her fun side shine - she was willing to try anything I asked!!

Ashlyn had one request - could she please bring her pet kitty. Of course you can! I didn't expect a 20 pound cat!! Her "kitty" is a Ragtime cat, it's a large breed that just loves to hang out like a rag doll. The sweetest, most beautiful cat!! When Ashlyn selected her pictures, more than half were of her and the kitty!!! Such a sweetheart.

Thank you Barbara for bringing Ashlyn to me again. I adore her and you are so sweet as well!


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