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Meet Ryan! Ryan is a senior at Calhoun High Senior and is such a cool young man!!

As you will see by the photos, Ryan loves skateboarding!! And he is super good at it. It was so fun to photograph him in action at the skating park!! It was amazing! I am obviously going to share a lot of photos because I can't pick which are my favorites!

Ryan is a young man who loves to look good and really had fun with the camera. He was up to doing anything I asked and with a dazzling smile. It was like photographing a GQ model!! So handsome.

At Calhoun High he was involved in choir, art, theater, welding, horticulture, National Honor Society and business council.

When he is not skateboarding on his free time he loves hanging out with his brother Greyson and together they play bass, visual art, reading, cooking and video games. Add some chicken wings and you have a happy young man!!

His future plans are to obtain an associates degree and earn an apprenticeship with a tech company and move his way up with the company!!

Are ya'll as impressed as I am?? Told ya'll he was a cool young man!

Want to sincerely thank parents Brandon & Ashley. Ya'll have raised an amazing young man and I am so honored that you chose me to capture his senior portraits!!


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