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A Gentleman's Guide to Valentine Gift Giving

It's the month of love and romance!! It's a time where women are waiting for their man to give them the perfect, most romantic gift on Valentine's Day. Since I own a boutique, I wanted to make it super easy for the guys to pamper their lady. I am offering beautiful, romantic Valen-Tease Lingerie Gift Boxes! The box will contain indulgent silky lingerie and anything else you want to include. Your gift will be packaged in a white box with beautiful tissue and topped off with a large red bow. Don't forget I also also offer Gift certificates in any amount (including Boudoir photography gift certificates!). I'll make it so easy for you and she will love you!!

I wanted to give a few tips to the guys on selecting the right items for your Valen-Tease boxes!!!

Tip #1


Easy Breezy - Go into her closet and look at the tags. What size does she wear? Then go into her lingerie drawer and see her bra size. What undergarments does she wear the most often? Bring those sizes to me and I'll help you find the right size of lingerie. Just a note that most lingerie runs a little small so I may go up a size.

Tip #2


I will be asking you questions about her style. Is she comfortable in a thong or does she like a little more coverage? Does she need more support in places? Does she have preference in color? What is her personality? We want to make sure she feels comfortable, beautiful and sexy in what you choose for her! For the best result, picture how the items will look like on her, rather than just the model.

Tip #3


Now that we have the lingerie, it will be packaged in beautiful tissue in a white box with a beautiful red bow. Ready to give it to her. Please note we can add other things to the box such as eye pillows, chocolate, jewelry, journals, gift certificates (she can use her beautiful lingerie for a Boudoir session!) and anything else you can think of. The sky is the limit!!

I hope this has helped you in navigating the lingerie choices for that special person in your life! I am available via several forms of contact and I’m always happy to assist you however I can!

Call me: (361) 571-1291

Message me on Facebook or Instagram!


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