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Let me introduce you to this amazing young lady - Ayanna! The big bright smile you see in these photos perfectly represents her personality. She is like a ray of sunshine in a room. Such a sweetheart!!

I was so excited to get to work with Ayanna. She had fun ideas and great fashion choices that reflected her youth and her personality. She was up for anything - she just wanted to have a great time and get some great photos.

Ayanna is a Junior at Faith Academy, involved in Basketball team, is co-captain of the Cheerleading team, is a fantastic gymnast and a lover of Jesus Christ. I am positive she has many many more achievements that I am not listing here. I have one question though - why isn't this girl a model already???? She is such an exceptional young lady!!

Thank you Ayanna and mom Teri for choosing me to document these fun memories. I loved the photos and am so proud to be sharing them here!!

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