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Can we please stop and have a moment of silence for Nayeli's highlights in her hair?? OMGeeeee, I loved them so much!! I always have hair envy with these young ladies but these highlights took the prize!! Had a blast with this gorgeous young lady - Victoria West HS graduate - Nayeli. Besides her hair - her makeup was absolute perfection - which by the way, she did herself. Wow! During our consultation, Nayeli told me it was very important to her that her family's Mexican heritage be reflected in her photos. I was so touched by that. She posed for several photos with the Mexican flag and she did so with much pride and joy. I am so impressed that such a young lady is aware and proud of where her family comes from. When I think of Mexico, my first thoughts are always of bright, vibrant colors. And that fit Nayeli to a tee. When she put on the red cap and gown with the colorful sash, her face just lit up!! Sooooo beautiful!! Nayeli certainly found her way to my heart. She is such a beautiful sweetheart. Her goals are to become a cosmetologist (no surprise there - look how beautifully she styled herself!) and work at that while she pursues her ultimate goal - to become a lawyer. I have no doubt this young lady is going to fulfill whatever she sets her mind to!! Wishing you nothing but the best Nayeli. Thank you and your sister Patricia for choosing me!!

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