Warning - this chapter in my StoryBook is going to be long. I'm going to overshare photos. I can't help it. There is so much to share about Kyleigh!

I first met Kyleigh at our fashion photo session at the Zoo for Bliss Formals. She was one of the models and I loved her from the start. She was so much fun and so photogenic. So you know I was thrilled when they chose me for her senior session!

Kyleigh's mom Melinda warned me from the beginning. Kyleigh would need extra time because she had lots of ideas. At our pre-consult, Kyleigh told me her senior session would have a 70's vibe. Aw girl - you are talking my language - I'm a 70s girl!! I knew right then I was in for a good time. And Kyleigh didn't disappoint.

Our session started downtown at the Rosebud Cafe. Kyleigh looked adorable in her first outfit with jeans from Free People , blouse from Sisters and her sparkly hat. The fun started with the very first shot. Kyleigh just flowed from one pose to another. And each outfit she chose was more fabulous than the one before. When we were taking photos of Kyleigh with her rust colored blouse with the boho hat, I knew I had my 2021 Senior Magazine Cover Girl. She looked stunning! We also had fun at Karen's Sweetpea Cupcakery where Kyleigh sported a blouse from locally owned Peaches and Tortilla. And believe me, we were hot and Karen's ice cream hit the spot!! We ended the day with a cap & gown session