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The first thing I noticed when I met Annisty was her flawless skin. She is like a porcelain doll! So very pretty.

Annisty is as sweet as she is pretty. We had such a good time together. She had great ideas and the cutest outfits! But who's looking at that? I'm sure everyone who sees these pictures will be drawn to her beautiful face. But note - she is as beautiful inside as she is outside. Such a sweetheart! The photo session was held on a hot and muggy afternoon. We were all sweating due to very high humidity. But that didn't affect Annisty - she continued to be upbeat, energetic and so much fun!!

Annisty is planning to attend University of Houston Victoria in the fall to study physical therapy. With her attitude and personality, I'm sure she is going to be highly successful.

Special thank to Annisty for being so sweet to me and to mom Miriah for all your help during the session. And thanks for choosing me. I am so blessed!!! Wishing you the very best Annisty!

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