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You just have to take one look at this family and you will see love and happiness. This is the sweetest family ever - Brandon, Devin & Xander!!

Devin booked a photo session for Xander's 1st Birthday cake smash, and wanted some family photos as well. The most important part of this story is the clothes that little Xander is wearing. Each outfit that Xander is wearing was sewed by his his great grandmother in the 50's. Brandon's grandmother sewed the outfits for Brandon's dad to wear. And they are still in PERFECT CONDITION. And Xander can rock an outfit from the 50's can't he???

With sweet parents like Brandon & Devin, it is only natural that Xander be sweet as well. He is such a happy baby - never stops smiling!! I could have kept that little boy!!

Devin - I can't thank you enough for continuing to book sessions for the sweeties in your life. I am very grateful and happy to call you my friend.

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