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This is the 3rd time I've had this gorgeous young lady in front of my camera - meet Makalen - a recent graduate of Yoakum High School!!!

Makalen is a such a pleasure to photograph. This Yoakum H.S. cheerleader is tall, gorgeous and such a sweetheart. I really loving hanging out with her. I've learned that the one thing that means the very most to her is her family. She loves hanging out with her parents and little sisters. In fact, her adorable little sister came with Makalen to her senior session. I can see they are so close (little sister is pretty cute in front of the camera too!!)

Thank you Makalen for choosing me to document the last of your senior year. I wish you luck as you pursue your dream to become a dental assistant. I'm sure with your beauty, intelligence and maturity - you are going to go far!!! Shine on sweet girl!!

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