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When you look at your photos, the first thing you are going to think is "she's so pretty!". Because Arlette is so pretty!!

Arlette is a graduate of Victoria West High School. She has a quiet spirit and is so sweet and fun. She selected amazing outfits for her session and was ready to pose however I wanted her to. I loved my time with her, I got to know her a little better and I am so impressed with her intelligence and maturity!!

I learned that Arlette plays the drums and volunteers in the children's ministry in her church. Isn't that cool? Arlette is an animal lover who wants to be a veterinarian. She has already participated in vet competitions!! Her plans are to get her basics here in Victoria and then venture out. I think that's so smart. To also help her prepare, she works at a local Animal Clinic. This girl knows what she wants and how to go get it!! Go Girl!

I want to thank Arlette for being such a sweetheart with me. I wish for you happiness and success!! And also thank to mom Betty for cheering us on and trusting me with your beautiful baby girl. I really enjoyed my time with the two of you.

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