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I'd like to introduce you to this super fun and sweet young man - Dedrick!!! Dedrick is a recent graduate of Victoria East High School and he is such a cool young man!!

Dedrick is a football player for the Titans, he held the positions of Guard and Center. So he wanted to start his session at the practice field of his beloved school. I immediately could see there was a special bond between Dedrick and his dad - Dedrick, Sr. Dedrick, Sr. is obviously very proud of Jr., as he called him. It was important that they document Dedrick, Jr.'s love of sports.

After we finished at the school, Dedrick got dressed up, looking all spiffy, and we continued with our session. Dedrick is such a respectful young man and I really enjoyed my time with him. I learned that besides football, Dedrick is in the choir and is the young choir minister at their church - Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church. And my favorite part of the day??? At the end of our time together, Dedrick sang an acapella version of Tennessee Whiskey to me. When he is singing, this tough football player turns as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey!!

I am so grateful for my time with this family. Thank you Dedrick Sr. and Lisa for choosing me to capture this very proud chapter in your lives. And special thank you to Dedrick for being so sweet to me and of course for singing to me!!! I wish you nothing but the very best life has to give!!!!!

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