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St. Joseph H.S. Senior | Gabby

I have to tell you that the 2020 Seniors have inspired me. This has been so hard on them, experiences that we once took for granted have been taken from them. They went on Spring Break not knowing that they would not be back. But I have yet to meet one senior who has complained, or acted bitter, angry or sad. In fact, it's been the opposite!

Gabby is a wonderful example of what a 2020 Senior looks like. At our consultation, Gabby was happy and excited. She showed me her outfit choices. She gave me her vision for the session. She is bubbly and has a smile that will light up a room. I knew I was going to have fun with her!!

And we did! Gabby is a graduate of St. Joseph H.S. and we started our session at their lovely campus. Gabby was captain of the Starlighters drill team and you can see she has great St. Joe pride. Her mom Teresa was with us and I could see the pride and love she has for her Gabby. It's obvious they have a loving relationship.

While in school, Gabby was in the drill teams all 4 years. She was also in power lifting (she was recently awarded Most Dedicated) and National Honor Society. She took dual credits at Victoria College so she is already on her way to her dream degree - Clinical Laboratory Science which she will be pursuing at Texas State University.

Gabby is beautiful, spirited and the epitome of a teenager who has been raised well, educated and has a vision for the future. I am so blessed to have spent time with her. Can't wait to see what she does next!!! Shine On Gabby!!

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