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I had double the fun with Victoria West High School Seniors - Riley & Brant!!! Riley & Brant are sweet siblings and I had such a fun time with the two of them.

What struck me most of all about Riley & Brant is their sweet personalities. They are both so kind and respectful, both to me and their parents. And I could also see a loving bond between the two of them. Such sweethearts!!

Brant is such a handsome and fun young man!! I think he really enjoyed posing for his photos - especially when we told him he belongs in the pages of GQ magazine! Riley is also a natural in front of the camera - as you can see in the photos - she is absolutely gorgeous! And they are both highly intelligent and active teens. They both are in National Honor Society, and AVID (a college readiness class), plus they both have dual Victoria College credits - Brant is a couple of credits shy of achieving an Associates of Arts and Riley is graduating with BOTH an Associates of Arts AND an Associates of Science degrees! Wow!! Riley also enjoys playing tennis and both are avid readers and love spending their weekends fishing in Port O'Connor.

Riley and Brant are also very active in their church. They belong to Young Life Ministry for High Schoolers, Student Impact and are also missionaries. It was very important to both of them that I get a photo of them holding their bibles.

I have no doubt these two are going to accomplish much in their lives, Riley will be attending Tarelton University to study Animal Science. Brant will complete his Associates at Victoria College than transfer over to University of Houston-Victoria. He wants to be an airplane mechanic.

At the end of our photo sessions both kids personally thanked me for their gifts and the session and give me a tight bear hug. That's it - I'm in love forever! Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Pruski for choosing me to document this proud time with your amazing children!!

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