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Jenna is turning 25 this month and wanted to have a fun photo session to document the occasion. I will forever remember her birthday because it is the same date as my daughter's birthday!!

Jenna showed up at her photo session at my studio looking absolutely gorgeous - her make up was done by Paige Terrell and was sporting some great red hair. She said she told her hair stylist - Kandis Elisondo (Hair by Kandis) to do something really fun for her birthday. I LOVED it and thought it was gorgeous on her!!

We had such a blast at our session. Jenna is such a free spirit and so much fun but also very laid back and easy to please. She was so easy breezy to hang with!! I loved my time with her. I'm sure I'm sharing too many photos from this session but I can't help it!! She looks soooo beautiful!!

Happy 25th Birthday Jenna - may it be as beautiful and as fun as you are!!

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