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March 7 is the day that Holden turns THE BIG ONE!! Happy First Birthday sweet boy!!

My Cake Smash Session with Holden was such a pleasure. This has to be one of the happiest little boys on the planet. No matter how many times we posed him, how many time we changed him - he just kept smiling.

Mom & Dad planned a fishing theme for his first birthday which was perfect. Between my props and mom's props - we were set!!! Everything was so cute. I think my favorite part of the session was the cake smash. Never have I seen a baby eat a cake so delicately. I think Holden has some great table manners!! He would take a pinch of icing and eat it. Then another pinch and eat it. This went on and on. It was just hilarious!!!!

Thank you so much to mom Kalyn and dad Hunter for bringing your sweet boy to me to document his first birthday!! Ya'll have fun!

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