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This blog will be one of my favorites because Desiree is my daughter. I am so pleased to announce that she and her husband Tony are expecting TWINS!!

Desi & Tony have been married 4 years and had never put any pressure on themselves about children. Their attitude was "if it happens it happens, if not - we are ok with that too." They were very content to be parents to their two furbabies - Scotty & Harley.

Desi wasn't feeling good and just had a feeling. She took a pregnancy test and was so surprised that it came back positive. She made a doctor's appointment and a few days later she and Tony were happy when it was confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. A subsequent sonogram sent them reeling - it was TWINS!

We are feeling so very blessed right now. Our due date is March, 2020. Gender reveal is in the planning - I can't wait to find out what my next grandbabies will be! Whatever it is - we will be blessed.

Be prepared for me to totally annoy you with a million photos!

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