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Styled Modeling Session | Serena & Sadie

You may already know this, but I lead a photography group that meets once a month. This month, my sweet friend Serena Paris and her sister Sadie agreed to a styled modeling session for us.

Serena & Sadie are precious young ladies. So very sweet and always ready to be helpful. Serena is a very seasoned and talented model and actress. Photographing her is always such a pleasure. Whoever is photographing her doesn't have to do much work - just click the camera. Serena seamlessly moves from one pose to another with very little direction. And she is stunning! She is also quite the fashionista, she can put together an outfit for a photo shoot that is always on point. In this session, she styled both herself and Sadie.

The very first time I photographed was at least 5 or 6 years ago. On that first shoot, Serena brought along her little sister Sadie. Sadie was a tiny little thing with a short, pixie styled hair cut. I thought she was adorable. I asked her that day if she wanted to be photographed, and she smiled and shyly said no. She has been along with Serena on almost every session we've done together and I always thought she would be fun to photograph. Well on this session I finally got my wish! Sadie was amazing - she took such great direction from all of us photographers as well as her sister Serena. I see a star in the making.

It is evident how close these to girls are and how much they adore one another. They are constantly talking and laughing and helping each other. Their mother has done a great job raising these two young ladies.

Thank you Serena for always being such a sweetheart. I've learned so much from you. I know you and I will have many more collaborations in the future. Maybe with Sadie as well (hopefully!!)!