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I am both sad and excited today. Oh and tired. I'm very tired. My news today is that I am getting a shiny new studio! Yes - I am moving! That's why I'm so tired! But I am also sooo excited! But I am also sad because I'm leaving my beautiful little building that has served me so well for almost 4 years!

I really thought I'd be here forever but about 3 months ago, Timmy came across a building that he thought I might like. It is twice the size of my little building I have now so of course I was interested! So after lots of thought and prayer, I decided I would move. I can't grow if I don't take chances, right? It's a great space but it wasn't pretty. We have spent the last two months first figuring out what to do and then moving forward with the remodel. I gave my landlord here a move out day of June 30, 2019. But the new building isn't ready. Not even close. We are working hard to get it exactly how I want it - just like I did my little building at 1421 Village Dr. When I first leased my current building, it was a mustard yellow & maroon former barber shop! But Timmy and I turned it into a beautiful space that I'm very proud of. My new building will be beautiful too. So I'll moving out this week but can't move in to my new space for awhile. So I may hold appointments at a coffee shop or something like that. But this is only temporary! As soon as I can, I will show you my new space. And you know I'm always looking for a reason to have a party - so a grand re-opening party will be in the planning!!!!

Thank you again for your sweet support!

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