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Victoria All Star Dance Academy is a place where students can learn dance, cheer and competition. My first session with them was with the trainers and teachers and I can see why so many parents trust their children with this organization. Everyone was so nice, so happy and so much fun! I can see that they all love what they do!

Owner Anna Gonzales wanted to have lots of photos that she could use for her social media, website and promotions. So we split the session in two. We first had a session with all the staff in our beautiful downtown Victoria and then we had a second session in their studio. I had the fun job of being a part of many of their classes. The students were so amazing! They knew I was there taking photos and many of them made sure they stood out! These kids already know how to work a camera!!! I don't think I ever stopped smiling. The trainers were all so patient and so helpful to each student. They were awesome.

Thank you to owner Anna and also a special thank you to her spunky social media manger Erin. I had such a great time with ya'll and look forward to our future sessions!!

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