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I walked into this beautiful farmhouse and heard country music playing fairly loudly. A door opens and Parker comes out, looking so handsome. The music was coming from his bedroom. Parker and I meet for the first time and he gives me the sweetest smile ever. Parker and I spent our time together on his family's beautiful property (I kept waiting for Joanna Gaines to step out at any moment!!). Parker is so friendly and willing to do anything I asked of him. His only request of me was that I photograph him with his beloved guitar. After our session we went back inside to look at the photos and Parker went back into his room and turned his country music back on. I can tell that music is his #1 favorite thing ever!! Parker is a graduate of Arbor Academy at Crossroads Christian School and is so proud to be graduating. He can't wait for the day that he gets to wear his cap & gown! Thank you to his mom Debbie for inviting me out to your gorgeous home and for choosing me to capture this proud time in your lives!!! Thank you Parker for being so sweet to me.

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