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CHEERS!! Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary to Clarence & Jeanette!!

Clarence and Jeanette had a mutual friend who played cupid and introduced them to each other. The friend sure knew what she was doing because Clarence & Jeanette hit it off immediately. Their first date was in October of 1993 and it went very well. VERY WELL. The two quickly became inseparable. In fact, it was pretty much love at first sight!!

Two months later at Christmas time, Clarence told Jeanette's kids that he had a game for them. He had a present for their mom but he had hidden it in the house and they had to find it. The kids looked all over the house and then realized the gift was hidden in plain sight, right under the Christmas tree. It was a ring box. Clarence sat down Jeanette down with her kids and dropped to one knee. He proposed to her and her children at the same time. Even thought they had only dated two months, Jeanette knew in her heart that Clarence would make the best husband and father and said YES!

On March 5, 1994, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony Clarence and Jeanette said "I Do". They were surrounded by all of their family and friends.

Clarence and Jeanette have been through thick and thin for sure but have always made it through by working it out together. They are a true team and an inspiration to everyone around them.

I have known Jeanette since I was 18 years old and I was at their wedding in 1994. So it gave me great pleasure and honor to be photographing them all these years later. We had so many laughs at their session, Clarence is very quiet and dutiful and Jeanette is full of fun & laughter. You can see why it's worked all these years - they balance each other out!!

Congratulations again and may your love continue as strong as it has been forever!! God Bless you and your family!

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