How Personal Branding Can Help Your Business | Part 1

Want to know what I like best about being a photographer? I am behind the camera. I hate having my own photo taken!

I started my business a little over six years ago and I was a complete novice. I knew nothing about promoting my business. I started using traditional advertising methods. In fact I spent hundreds & hundreds of dollars on advertising. More than I want to think about. And you know what that got me? Nada. Out of all my print advertisements, I got one inquiry. No bookings - just one inquiry. Don't get me wrong - I'm sure print ad's work for many, it just didn't work for me.

What I did come to realize is that all of my business was coming as a result of my Facebook & Instagram pages. So I needed to learn how to best work these platforms. I also built a website and worked on it constantly to improve it and to build my SEO presence on Google. I began to consistently post on my social media pages every day. I posted my work, I posted some personal stuff and I posted some just-for-fun stuff. I started to get engagement and my following began to grow. And so did my business.

I noticed that other successful businesses that I followed were posting personal photos of themselves. I hesitatingly posted a photo of myself and was completely surprised to see so many Likes! Plus my reach on this photo was way higher and I could see on my Insights that a higher percentage of users were actually clicking on the photo. I would say that I was seeing about a 5