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50th Birthday Session | Shannon

Well you can't tell by looking at her but Shannon turned 50 years old!! She contacted me several months before her birthday, said she wanted to do something special for her birthday. She wanted a photo shoot that was fun, sexy and completely out of the box for her.

I've known Shannon for years, we both attend Faith Family Church, and I was so excited for her vision. I'm always all in when someone wants to do a photo session that takes them out of their comfort zone. My favorite part of her vision was that she wanted to do a cake smash. An adult cake smash - how FUN!!!

After lots of planning our day arrived. It was one of the coldest days - temperatures were in the 40s, the air was moist and it was super windy. But we are both troopers and were ready to face the elements. We started her session indoors - she wanted to start her session at Elite Fitness. Shannon works hard to stay fit and wanted to document that. She was playful - exercising in a full tulle skirt and heels. We weren't in any hurry to leave because it was toasty warm inside the gym. Part two of our session would be outdoors, in the country. Brrrrrrr.

But we were both equally excited about part two. It would begin with a cake smash. I had no idea that Shannon made cakes!! Our cake smash colors were in gold and her cake reflected that as well. Shannon was stunning in her gold sparkle dress and the tulle skirt. I know she was so cold but it didn't stop her from being super playful.

We continued the shoot in a dress that was a little warmer with long sleeves. Shannon's friend Paula came and brought warm coffee and assisted us by wrapping a coat around her in between shots. We will never forget this shoot!! We were miserable but still had a blast!! Lots of laughter and sillyness!! And Shannon totally rocked it!!!!

Thank you Shannon for including me in the memories of your milestone birthday. I can't think of anyone I'd rather freeze with than you!!! Love you and Happy Birthday!!

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