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Morgan is a Hair Stylist and was voted runner up for Best of the Best in Port Lavaca. She needed a head shot for that but she also wanted to add a more playful session - photos she could use for her social media pages. I think Morgan is absolutely beautiful so I was so excited to work with her.

Morgan came to my studio looking gorgeous (OMG that hair!) with great outfits. She needed accessories for her outfits and we started the session by shopping at Sande's Boutique. She found something perfect for each outfit. She is a natural in front of the camera and we had a blast together! Morgan has always decorated her salon with crowns and asked if she could borrow one of the crowns from my boutique and end our session with a bit of fun. That was the best time because we put a crown on Morgan and she became the most playful Morgan I've ever seen!! I think she is meant to wear a crown!

Morgan is the owner of Make Me Chic Salon in Port Lavaca. She has been my hairdresser for years and years and I have watched her grow from working out of a small room, to a small salon, to a large salon and now to an even larger salon! She has worked hard and made each salon prettier than the one before. She has a team of amazing stylists who are so talented. I am so proud of Morgan. She is dedicated and driven to achieve her dream of having the best salon in the Crossroads and beyond. She works so hard and in my eyes she will always be best of the best!

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