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Cake Smash | Michael

Michael was in front of my camera earlier this year at my Easter sessions. He was so tiny then, the perfect little baby boy. Now here he is - 1 year old and acting like a big boy!!

Michael has real good looking parents but all I see is his momma's face. His mom Crystal has the same sweet smile and happy eyes. But he gets the sunny disposition from both his parents!! Michael is all smiles!!

I couldn't have asked for a better photo session with 1 one year old. Michael was so happy and just cooperated with us perfectly. He LOVED his cake smash! Michael likes to clap so you can imagine how delighted he would get when he would clap his hands that were full of icing and cake. He made the funnest mess ever!!

Thank you to Crystal & Fred for bringing little Michael to me. He is such a delight and I just adore him!!

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