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Anniversary Session | Nacho & Lizuly

Lizuly came to my studio and the first thing I noticed is she seems to sparkle when she talks. She is so pretty, full of life and speaks with such passion!

Lizuly told me how she and Nacho had been married for 19 years. They have had a happy life and they were celebrating with a vacation but she also wanted to a photo shoot. She really started to sparkle when she gave me her vision for her session - she told me how she wanted a beach session because she and Nacho shared their first kiss on the beach and that is when he asked her to be his girlfriend. Lizuly got real dreamy when she talked about that!!! She showed me a dress she had ordered online, it was beautiful & sexy. That is the kind of session she wanted. She wanted to capture their love and passion for each other. Sounded like fun to me! So we scheduled a date.

Beach shots are fun but can be difficult because you have to time your shoot for good lighting and it can be very windy. Well God was smiling down on Nacho & Lizuly because we had beautiful light and a gentle breeze. Considering this was August, the temperature was mild. It could not have been more perfect. We had a blast!!

Thank you Lizuly for choosing me. You and Nacho have been such pleasure to work with. You beach session was a photographers dream job and I am grateful that you asked me to capture your everlasting and passionate love!

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