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Sweet 16 | Jaelin

I feel like I've known the Hernandez family my whole life. I met Jaelin's grandparents when I was a teenager and they moved in next door. Jaelin's grandmother Diana had a baby girl about 3 weeks before I had Desiree, so our children even grew up together.

Now Jaelin is 16! OMG! Hard to believe!

Although I've known the family for years, I had never really spent a lot of time with Jaelin before this session. This day I got to know a young lady who is sweet, unassuming, elegant and beautiful. She was so ready to do anything I would ask of her - I would say "Trust me Jaelin" and she would reply "I do." I really enjoyed our time together!

Jaelin's Sweet 16 party was last week and it was a huge, wonderful party. I'm sure everyone had a blast!

Thank you Cathryne Hernandez for choosing me for such a fabulous occasion. Jaelin is beautiful inside and out - you have done a wonderful job with her!!