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Family Photo Session | The Ngugi Family

I got a call from a lady named Emma, the first thing I noticed was her lovely accent. She wanted to schedule a family photo session because her parents were visiting. We set a date. Our session was in a few days so there was no time for a pre-consultation.

I was really looking forward to our session so I could meet Emma and her family. Emma and her husband had three beautiful children. Also joining us was Emma's sister and her parents. All with the same lovely accent. I hate being nosy (ok, I'm just nosy) but I had to ask - what is the origin of this accent? They are from Kenya. Isn't that awesome??? Her parents were visiting from Kenya and they wanted some photos to memorialize their visit. I was so honored to be a part of that!!

This family is so soft spoken and very nice. They were so willing to try any poses I suggested and shared some ideas of their own. My time with them was short but sweet.

Thank you Emma for choosing me. I hope these photos provide you a lifetime of wonderful memories!

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