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Mommy-to-Be Photo Shoot | Adrian & Cathy

This photo shoot was an adventure for sure! Adrian & Cathy live in a charming little farmhouse in Mission Valley. They love their little property and wanted to document the happy occasion of their upcoming baby girl there. I get excited about new locations so was happy to go there. Once I got there, I got an immediate feeling of a loving home with a sweet couple and lots of interesting pets.

First there was Cheyenne the horse. One of the first things Cathy had told me was she wanted photos with Cheyenne, she loves him. There were also some gorgeous red chickens - their leader was a rooster named Bob. There were two ducks. And their furbaby Stephanie. Are you seeing why this was fun??

Cathy looked so beautiful when I got there. Her makeup was flawless and her long dark hair was curled beautifully. We walked out to a pasture and the wind was crazy! When it's windy, I turn my clients to face the wind so it can blow their hair back, but it seemed no matter where I turned them, the wind was in a different direction. So we took our time and took photos between gusts and we had a blast. Adrian is like a little boy when he is taking pictures - without any prompting from me he smiles big and loudly says "Cheeesssseeeee!". Every single photo. To the point that we all got the giggles over it!!

I've told you before that I am terrible with people's names. A lot of my clients leave my shoots with new names. I do my best to get them right, but I'm talking and moving so fast during a shoot that the names that tumble out of my mouth are seldom the right names. And today was no exception - Cathy got a new name - Stephanie. And once I got it wrong - it was downhill from there. I couldn't get it right to save my life - something else to keep us giggling!! I'm so sorry Cathy!

One final interesting fact about this shoot is that when I posted a sneak peek on my Facebook page, my ex-sister-in-law Jeanette told me that Cathy was their distant cousin! Can you believe that? Cathy is my kids 3rd cousin! No wonder I felt like I was with family when I was there!! What a small, wonderful world.

I am so blessed to have met Adrian & Cathy. They are so sweet and I can see they are going to be amazing parents to their little baby girl. Love you Adrian and Stephanie - opps - I mean Cathy!!!!! LOL

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