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We weren't sure this photo session would happen! The weather was predicting a weekend of nothing but stormy weather. But in true South Texas fashion - there was no rain this day - only lots of sunshine!!

Brittany was simply radiant when she arrived. Perfect makeup, hair and outfits. She is so beautiful. I had never met Adriano before this session, and I was immediately struck by his good looks, big smile and warm handshake. We headed down to Pebble Beach where there were lots of families having a wonderful time in the river. Everyone was so nice and accommodating to us. Also there was The Victoria Advocate newspaper - they were doing a story on Pebble Beach and interviewed Adrian & Brittany. They were later featured in a story in the newspaper!! How awesome is that!!

We had a wonderful session. Adrian & Brittany are so sweet to each other and I know they are going to be wonderful parents to a sweet, beautiful little girl. They were also very sweet to me. In spite of the high humidity and warm temps, they were happy and joyous the entire time of our session. I am so grateful to be the one to document this precious chapter in their lives!

Can't wait to meet you Audriana Rae!

White Lace Gown by Sande's Boutique

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